Message from Founder Chairman

The VAT payers, VAT collectors, VAT consultants, VAT executives and other people related with VAT are a very big community requiring some common services. But presently, around us, there is no such forum or institute to provide such services. The VAT professionals do not have any common avenue to share their opinions, knowledge and ideas. They do not have a common place from where they can gather their required explanations or clarifications facing any problem in the area of VAT.

VAT system in Bangladesh has become extremely complex. It is very difficult for the VAT payers to get proper answer facing any difficulty. Updated functional literature of VAT in Bangladesh cannot be easily obtained. In fact, there is no such exhaustive compilation from where latest and functional information can be obtained. Due to all these reasons, the VAT system in Bangladesh continues to be difficult for many if not for all. With the help of information technology, in the present days, services can be provided to the clients in far better ways. Under these circumstances, for long, I was thinking how to provide required services to the VAT related people. IVTI is an initiative to this end. IVTI is the first institute in Bangladesh in the area of Value Added Tax (VAT), where VAT is taught.

If anybody does the six months Practical VAT Management Course of our institution within a certain period of time, he will gather basic along with advance knowledge regarding VAT. Interested participants can attend the training programs.

Suggestions from the visitors are welcome. Hope, we can work together to serve the VAT community of Bangladesh. Thus, we can contribute to develop a tax-friendly, business-friendly and compliant VAT system in Bangladesh.

May Allah the Almighty help us in our all good efforts.

Thank you.
Dr. Abdur Rouf
Founder Chairman
International VAT Training Institute (IVTI)